I feel better about this one.

After yesterdays disaster I had to go out again today with the one picture theme in mind. I feel a lot better about this one. The problem is that the landscapes that I usually shoot are all in winter foliage mode and its all browns and more browns. That coupled with the unusually warm nice weather we are having here […]

I only get one shot?

I have read  in many places that a fantastic photography excersize is going someplace and only taking one shot. It really makes you think before you take that shot. Yesterday I decided to give it a try and went to Natural Bridges. To add a second level of difficulty  I decided to go at 1 in the afternoon, not quite […]

It wasn’t supposed to rain!

Well the wife and I went to see The Mechanic this morning. Figured we would catch the matinee show and I would have some time to shoot on the walk home form the threatre. It was raining just enough to get everything wet but not coming down in buckets. Its been 75 all week long and I put off shooting […]

Happy Day

 So I just got mail today (wow real mail not email) notifying me that my photograph has been slected as a finalist for the contest I entered at http://pfmagazine.com/ Photography Forum Magazine. My photo instructor Sandy Frank gave me the information and I muscled up enough courage to give it a shot and send in a few of the most recent pictures […]

A picture of me.

Its not often that I have a picture taken of me that I am happy with. I generally feel that I should be on the other side of the lens. This one was taken of me by my wife Carrie during our Studio lighting class last semester. She had the vision for the photo, all I did was grow my […]

Best of 2010.

Class is done, the holidays are done and the best of 2010 gallery is done. Check it out in the gallery section at http://tahquechi.com/gallery.htm The photos range from Sunsets on the beach at Natural Bridges State beach through the Salinas Airshow and even a few from the Studio Lighting class I finished in December. So whats next? I’m starting photo session […]

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

The end of the semester is near. Only one more week of regulkar classes then time for finals.  Here is my shubmission for this week. The studio lighting class I’m taking required me to recreate an environment in a specific time of day. I used a yellow orange gel over the flash and placed it low on the scene to […]


I ralized after I did the last post that I forgot to put the HDR Moab image up here. High Dynamic Range is all the rage these days. You take multiple images of the same subject at different exposure values then combine them in either photoshop or another program like Photomatix. The program crunches the data and spits out some […]

Playing catch up.

Schools been crazy this semester as usual. My instructor is Sandy Frank and I’m taking studio lighting advanced. So we are lighting glasses, people, objects, you name it. This shot is of my son Jorden; he agreed to pose for me (though it cost me a trip to the ice cream store).  This photo is part of a high key/low […]

Salinas Airshow 2010

 This last saturday morning I attended the Salinas Airshow. I have always loved planes and jump at the chance to go to an airshow anytime. Being unable to see the jets in the sky it is very difficult to shoot them. I have to rely on the kids telling me where to point the camera when the jets are inbound.  […]

Best of Summer 2010 Gallery

The best of Summer 2010 gallery is up; it was a great summer and a great road trip. I saw lots of great stuff that I have always wanted to see, and a lot that I didn’t know I was missing. A few notes about the gallery, There are a few “arty” shots which is a departure for me. I […]

Sometimes stuff breaks…

While touching up the pictures from Mesa Verde I hit the wrong button in lightroom and got a happy surprise…I’m generally not one to do artsy shots but I really thought this one was pretty neat. Let me know what you think and you can check out the rest of the gallery from the main page. So, while I was […]

Summer Vacation Photos Incoming!! Take Cover!

Vacation has come and gone now its time to start my favorite part, sorting through the hundreds of photos I took. This years destinations included Mesa Verde in Colorado, The Grand Canyon in Arizona the Arches National Park in Moab Utah. This years photos are very majestic, I’m excited to post them for you all to see.   The toughest […]

Summer is already half over.

I can’t believe it. Spring came and went. I haven’t picked up the camera for months and I’m going to tell you why. I was conducting a personal experiment. In my continuing quest to become a better photographer I took a couple of classes at the local college with my wife. I took a black and white drawing class and […]

The Holidays are here!

After a 2 plus month recovery from a foot problem I’m back in action again. School has been taking a lot more time than I had anticipated, but today is finals! I’m planning to go shooting later this week (weather permitting) so keep an eye peeled for some new blog updates!

New Then and Now page

Be sure to check out the new Then and now page I have added. Its a picture of my grandfather’s Ford Model A, combined with my 2007 Toyota Rav taken on the same street here in Santa Cruz. Its surprising just how much the area has not changed. Many of the houses are still the original homes built in 1924. […]

As summer comes to an end…

Since summers coming to an end I figured I would share a couple of shots I took from the beach out in front of the Boardwalk here in Santa Cruz, and take a moment to reflect on the summers shooting and what I learned. This shot of the log ride and ferris wheel was taken at ISO 100, 39mm f8.0 […]

Reader question: How do you do it?

First, let me say thanks again for all the great feedback on the blog. I’m enjoying doing this and I’m glad your enjoying the images. I was going through some of the messages yesterday and the most common question or comment I get is, How can you take pictures if your blind? Well, first I’m not totally blind, I have […]