Best of Summer 2010 Gallery

The best of Summer 2010 gallery is up; it was a great summer and a great road trip. I saw lots of great stuff that I have always wanted to see, and a lot that I didn’t know I was missing. A few notes about the gallery, There are a few “arty” shots which is a departure for me. I did a sepia treatment to one of the shots form the Grand Canyon and an interesting take on a picture of a tree I saw in Mesa Verde Co. ALso of note in the gallery is a shot from Moab I did a High Dynamic Range treatment (where you take 3 to five shots of the same scene with varying exposures then combine them in either photomatix or photoshop. this gives very moody skies and edgy contrast on rocks and other high detail surfaces.). Theres also a panoramic shot of Lake Mead which I took when we went to Hoover Dam.

I hope you enjoy viewing the shots as much as I did making them.