Playing catch up.

Schools been crazy this semester as usual. My instructor is Sandy Frank and I’m taking studio lighting advanced. So we are lighting glasses, people, objects, you name it. This shot is of my son Jorden; he agreed to pose for me (though it cost me a trip to the ice cream store).  This photo is part of a high key/low key assignment. I find it a LOT easier to shoot in low key than high key maybe its a low vision thing but I love it. The toughest part is navigating the studio in the darkness. I’m working with a team of great students who are a joy to shoot with. There is a lot to be said for taking an advanced class where everyone is there to learn and further their abilities than an intro class where people are tkaing it to fill in the credit load.

Speaking of College, I got up enough courage and entered a few shots into the 31st annual college photo contest for Photographer’s Forum Magazine Its one thing to have your teacher (and all of you) see my images, its another to submit to a big contest like that.  This is a shot I took of the monster truck Bounty hunter at the Sailinas airshow. I also entered the plane shot form the last post as well as an HDR shot form Moab this summer.  The plane shot was a lot of fun, basically I have one of my twin boys on either side of me scanning the sky for me. They use the clock heading system to tell me where the planes are coming in from so I can compose and shoot them. I could not do it without them they are awesome kids. I’m not expecting to win by any means but its sure fun to try right?