I only get one shot?

I have read  in many places that a fantastic photography excersize is going someplace and only taking one shot. It really makes you think before you take that shot. Yesterday I decided to give it a try and went to Natural Bridges. To add a second level of difficulty  I decided to go at 1 in the afternoon, not quite as ugly as noon but it was certainly bad enough. The fog had all burned off and it was screaming bright out on the beach.  I wandered in and out of the back brush, sloshed through the mud, stepped in the bog (stinky!)  and got my shoes filled with sand wandering on the beach looking for that one shot I would take.  Of course I had the camera set on manual mode, I decided on the shot and took it, exposure-wise its probably a bit underexposed The shot was taken at 28mm iso 100 f14 at 1/125  I ended up running a warming filter over it in lightroom but I’m not particularly happy with the result.

So, how did it go? Technically I believe I was pretty close, compositionally I was average (the lack of depth of color and contrasting colors in the shot bother me a lot.) Was the  excersize worthwhile? it certianly was! I spent a lot of time looking over the scene deciding on the shot (I believe this is good anyone can just shoot whilly nilly and get a good shot.). I most certainly will do this again. Maybe since it is Feb 1st I will try and do this at least once a month.