Sunday foggy morning.

The wife and kids walked with me this morning down to one of the more remote beaches. The surf was pounding and the surfers were running from their cars down the half mile hike to the beach to get to the sweet waves. It was super foggy but not cold at all, summer is coming here on the Central Coast for sure. it hits about the end of May or first of June and the fog sets int until about September. Schools only got a few more weeks left then time for summer break.  As always thanks for all the great and positive feedback I really appreciate it!

Now that the rains gone, I can wrap up my one walk one photo thing I have been doing. With the monsoon rains here as of late its been difficult to find breaks in the yuk to get out and shoot and not get soaked, or just have a blah sky to shoot. I suppose I should be like more Santa Cruz photographers and just embrace the fog…so here ya go my first foggy shot heh.