Summer is coming! I’m in the final weeks of my art classes this semester. Art history has been interesting, not unexpected as far as content but the contemporary concepts in photography since 1945 was a bit askew from where I was anticipating the content to be.  I found the weight of some of the more well known photographers perplexing. As an example Ansel Adams a little known black and white photographer who shot a couple shots of Yosemite only got a couple pages in our textbook and a single picture in a slideshow while others like Warhol who were not noteworthy (in my opinion) got chapters dedicated to them. So what  did I learn? what was the Readers Digest condensed version of the class? (1) no matter who you are your images should stand on their own. Regardless of your lifestyle, disability or hair color the viewer should approach your images objectively, not “thats pretty good for a gay guy” sort of mentality.

So whats next? I have 2 more weeks of my self imposed one shot on an outing project (see previous posts for info on this) In June I start my new project…taking a shot I would have not taken before. so experimentation with camera angles or longer exposures should be fun and some of the first things I explore.

I signed up for studio lighting again in the fall with the same instructor (sorry sandy 8)) I figured I better get my studio lighting chops back so I did some product photography today attached is the 5 hour energy bottle I shot.

I also added a capcha  widget to reduce the amount of spam. I really appreciate the comments you have all posted, but I can do without finding out about lonely housewives looking for me and natural viagra… silly spammers.