I think a Panorama counts as a single picture

I seldom shoot  panoramas. its not that I don’t think about doing them, I actually have a few that I really like. For some reason this scene seemed to need a bit more than the regular shot was going to give me. I was using a 50mm prime lens, and shot in portrait. I shot four separate pictures handheld (I braced on the fence there) making sure to get enough overlap for the stitching  process. I used the photomerge feature in photoshop to stitch them together. Other than cloning out a couple of problems caused by the stitching process the shots untouched.

If your a regular reader of my blog you might remember that I entered a college photo contest in November and was then picked as a finalist in January. Well I was notified that my image moved ot the next level, for final selection. I am still not expecting to win by any stretch I’m just very happy to have one of my images standing next to sighted peoples images. If I get nothing more than getting this far I will be happy.