A picture of me.

Its not often that I have a picture taken of me that I am happy with. I generally feel that I should be on the other side of the lens. This one was taken of me by my wife Carrie during our Studio lighting class last semester. She had the vision for the photo, all I did was grow my […]

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

The end of the semester is near. Only one more week of regulkar classes then time for finals.  Here is my shubmission for this week. The studio lighting class I’m taking required me to recreate an environment in a specific time of day. I used a yellow orange gel over the flash and placed it low on the scene to […]

The Holidays are here!

After a 2 plus month recovery from a foot problem I’m back in action again. School has been taking a lot more time than I had anticipated, but today is finals! I’m planning to go shooting later this week (weather permitting) so keep an eye peeled for some new blog updates!

As summer comes to an end…

Since summers coming to an end I figured I would share a couple of shots I took from the beach out in front of the Boardwalk here in Santa Cruz, and take a moment to reflect on the summers shooting and what I learned. This shot of the log ride and ferris wheel was taken at ISO 100, 39mm f8.0 […]

A break from the june gloom

Hooray!  The tides, clouds and my schedule finally all worked out for a change. I have been working hard to get a decent shot of the arch at Natural Bridges state beach to go along with my last post which had a cool scanned image of the arch taken around 1924.  I tried a few mornings over the last couple […]