A break from the june gloom


Hooray!  The tides, clouds and my schedule finally all worked out for a change. I have been working hard to get a decent shot of the arch at Natural Bridges state beach to go along with my last post which had a cool scanned image of the arch taken around 1924.  I tried a few mornings over the last couple weeks, but the sun was either too harsh for a decent shot – or the clouds were too thick and had no interesting shapes behind the arch.  I also went a few times and tried some long exposure shots to get a nice foamy and misty look to the water at the base of the arch, but the tide and the lighting never seemed to jive.  This shot was taken using a 15 second exposure at f22 with my lens set at 34mm.  It was medium high tide at 8 in the evening (thanks rangers for only yelling at me a little for running onto the beach when the park was closing =D).  So the original shot pulled waaaay too blue (and it may still be too blue for my liking) I adjusted the exposure and such, but now the big decision comes… What should I do about the seagull fecies on the top of the arch, and the seaweed on the beach? It would not be too difficult to photoshop it out, but it is nature and if the true reason for doing this project is to show change over time, the broken arch and the fecies do represent change over time from the original shot.  At this point I am leaning towards 2 different versions of the shot, maybe one as is for this project and 1 as an art piece which removes the fecies and the seaweed. What do you think?