Then and now update

Whew! thanks for all the great comments on the new project! I have six more shots I’m working on at the moment, now, if the weather would only cooperate and give me some non-foggy skies I can do the “now” shots to go with the retouched shots I have ready to go. The plan for this week is to get […]

Santa Cruz Then and now…

Happy Friday! well as promised I have gotten the first page up for the Then and Now section of the site. It took me a bit longer then antivipated…I wanted to make sure I had the facts for the dedication portion  all straight. Anyway, its weird to link to my own site but here goes… Next week I have […]

Photowalk 2009 the shot I chose.

At 10:00 am on the 18th of July it was overcast and misty (not at all unusual for Santa Cruz), thankfully as the photowalk started the fog cleared and left us with some high wispy clouds.  About 25 of us gathered at the clock tower at the end of Pacific Ave. here in Santa Cruz. The route took us down […]

Photowalk, Friday and camera gear.

Happy friday! As promised another shot from this weeks hike. This was taken at Natural Bridges State Beach.  The plan at the moment is to get the first then and now page up on the main site. The page will contain the 2 shots of the arch at Natural Bridges and some history on the shots and the arch.  Hopefully […]

Summer travel

Well, Just got back from a week in Reno. I’m back into the swing of things. I went out shooting today and as I usually try and do, I set a goal for myself – the goal today was to  not shoot any beach scenes. I really can’t help it, I love the beach heh. Walking in the paths in […]