Summer travel


Well, Just got back from a week in Reno. I’m back into the swing of things. I went out shooting today and as I usually try and do, I set a goal for myself – the goal today was to  not shoot any beach scenes. I really can’t help it, I love the beach heh. Walking in the paths in Natural Bridges State Beach, I took this shot. The sun was just coming out, and I think it shows the whole dry summer theme we have going on here in Santa Cruz. I got a few other decent shots that I will post later this week and into next week. The summer traveling this year isn’t as hectic as it has been in the last few summers. I have one more trip then its back to school.

The Worldwide Photo walk is this Saturday 27,000 photographers in 915 cities worldwide will be taking part in this event. Thios shots from the Santa Cruz walk can be viewed at The images will be up shortly after the walk depending on how quickly the walkers get their shots turned in. If your interested in being part of the walk, there is still time you can check out the Scott Kelby link on the right of this blog.

You know your blogs getting more popular when: (1) you start hearing from people who are reading what your writing 😎 and (2) when all the spam starts rolling in. 8-( Its just hilarious to me that a photography blog can generate spam related to viagra and how to make 300 dollars a day just using the internet and my computer….sigh.  I suppose I will know people are really interested in what I have to say when I start getting the lonely housewives and hot young teens spam right? heheh Anyway thanks again for all the great feedback and comments I appreciate it. I will strive to post more regularly in the future, even when school starts.