Then and now update


Whew! thanks for all the great comments on the new project! I have six more shots I’m working on at the moment, now, if the weather would only cooperate and give me some non-foggy skies I can do the “now” shots to go with the retouched shots I have ready to go.

The plan for this week is to get a link to the Then and Now section on the main navigation bar, and it looks like I need to look into options for online sales of prints. I have had a lot of requests for it so this week I will start looking around and make a decision on which service to use. Just to let you know, I mentioned a new camera I would love to have…The Canon 5D mkII anything I get from print sales will go directly towards saving for that baby. 😎

Heres a shot from the photowalk last weekend taken at Neary Lagoon.