The Arch at Natural Bridges

This is a scanned photo of the stone arch at Natural Bridges state beach. There was no date on the picture but from all the data I have collected, and where the picture was in the photo book it appears the shot was taken around 1927. It was taken with a brownie camera and developed in a home darkroom (kitchen […]

Natural Bridges.

Late last week I ventured to Natural Bridges quite late in the morning. As a result the sun was waaay too harsh and the pictures I was looking for didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. While sifting through the stack of historical photos I came upon a couple of great shots of the arch at Natural Bridges. […]

The first shot.

Well here we go. This is the first one I have done. The origianl was a bit blurry so I scanned sharpened and retouched as much as I could. Now, the tough part{ trying  to figure out if this is from the Municipal Wharf aare. I know when Im in trouble, so I have sent off an email to  Local […]

Its not the camera that makes the images, its the photographer.

As promised, I am uploading a new image taken right before the storms set in last week.  Its a shot taken from the steps leading down to Steamers Lane looking at the wharf. Thanks so much for the feedback you have sent. I’m trying really hard to make the best images I can. Some asked me what camera gear I […]

Storm Moving in…

This morning I went out shooting. A storm was moving in so I figured I would get it done before the rains hit and boy was a glad I did. I got a couple of pretty neat shots… This one was taken near Steamers lane looking out towards Monterey. Also check out the new lighthouse shot on the front page […]