The first shot.

Well here we go. This is the first one I have done. The origianl was a bit blurry so I scanned sharpened and retouched as much as I could. Now, the tough part{ trying  to figure out if this is from the Municipal Wharf aare. I know when Im in trouble, so I have sent off an email to  Local Historian Sandy Lydon has an awesome site and I am hoping can shed some light on the location of the shot.

Speaking of history, when I started this project I had not really considered the need for historical information on each of the side by side photo comparisons. Well, in order to do this project right Im going to need some sources for historical reference. So, now Im scouting for pictures of the Wharf/lighthouse and Steamers area AND historical informaiton relating to those shots. foggy-wharfThe photo was taken on a foggy day (not at all unusual for Santa Cruz) you can make out the pillars of the wharf or a wharf and possibly west cliff drive behind it. The big question is what is the material in the foreground of the shot, is it the remains of the old railroad pier?