Its not the camera that makes the images, its the photographer.

As promised, I am uploading a new image taken right before the storms set in last week.  Its a shot taken from the steps leading down to Steamimg_3208-edit-editers Lane looking at the wharf.

Thanks so much for the feedback you have sent. I’m trying really hard to make the best images I can. Some asked me what camera gear I am using… I have a Canon Rebel XSi I use the stock 18 to 55mm lens that came with the camera, but also have a 50mm prime lens that give me nicer depth of field when needed. At this point my goal would be to move to the next level in camera gear, a Canon 5D mkII, since the lenses I have will work with it, and will give me the next level of control especially in lower light situations. I do know, and always remember that its not the camera that makes the images its the photographer. I don’t have to have the latest greatest, I can do with what I have and can continue to get better with what I have (but boy, new toys sure are nice to have.). I strive to sell enough of my images to allow me to upgrade my camera to the next level.

Anyway, enough about dreams… On to the wharf project. I have the pictures in hand (at least some of them) and man are they cool. My original plan of scanning and retouching the images I needed has blown into a larger project in itself. The photos are in an older album and the acid is causing them to fade. I need to get them out of the album and scan them and put them into an acid free album for preservation.