Sony product advisory for some SD cards

Sony product advisory for some SD cards

Sony has released a product advisory for some of their SD cards where the data would be corrupted when being written by a camera or even worse not written at all. If you use Sony SD cards make sure to take some time to check the information below ato see if your cards are affected by this issue. 

The notice—first spotted by Dan Carr over at Shuttermuse—refers to three affected products: The regular SF-M cards, the TOUGH SF-M series, and the TOUGH SF-G series. According to the notice, “data on [these cards] may be damaged or data may not be recorded correctly when shooting video on a camera in [the advertised V60/V90] video speed class mode.”

Sony doesn’t offer any further details about the issue with these cards, except to say that they’ll be offering free replacements from June 11th, 2020 through March 31st, 2022, “subject to the limited warranty that accompanied the SD memory card.”

I’m glad to see that Sony is standing behind their products, as they will be replacing the cards free of charge through March 2022. I personally use Sandisk Extreme cards and Lexar Professional cards for all my shooting. I have never had an issue with either of these brands. 

You can read the entire article at Petapixel here:

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