Loading RAW files into an older version of Lightroom

Loading RAW files into an older version of Lightroom

I have done a ton of research and sorted out the best way to open RAW files on your computer. I have also figured out the best way to resolve the issues with opening RAW images from a newer camera on an older version of Lightroom. As a bonus, I have also discovered the best way to catalog and keep track of your photos. What is this miracle cure and how can you get it? Let’s talk about it…

Take your photography seriously

I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you this, but your stance on not subscribing to the Adobe Photography bundle is just wrong. For the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee (9.99) per month you can have the latest version of Lightroom and Photoshop on desktop and mobile devices. You already pay for Netflix, HBO MAX, Disney+ and who knows what else and those all cost 15.00 a month. Why in the world would you not pay 10 bucks for the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom just because you have a silly outdated stance on “not giving Adobe money for a subscription”. Previous versions of Photoshop and Lightroom used to cost HUNDREDS of dollars and a new one came out every year or so. You are actually paying less per year over the life of a product and you are always up to date with new features.

New Camera Support

I can’t tell you the number of times per month I get the question “how do I open CR2 files” or other RAW formats. If you are still using Lightroom 6 and don’t ever plan to buy another camera, you are totally fine. Each time a new camera comes out Camera Raw is updated to support those file formats. Your other choice is to use the software that comes with your new camera to convert your new RAW files into DNG files which can be imported into your old clunky ass version of Lightroom. Did I mention that it only costs 10 bucks a month to have the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop? I’m sorry but Photography is an expensive hobby or profession and if you can afford that 1999.00 f2.8 70-200mm lens, you can afford 10 bucks a month for Photoshop and Lightroom.

You can catalog all your images

Lightroom is not only awesome for basic edits to your images, but it has full functionality to add keywords and helps you keep track of where your images are. I love that you can hook an external drive to your computer, move files there using Lightroom and it will keep the thumbnails so when you need to work on those files, all you have to do it plug in the drive to get the full resolution version of those images.

Stay up to date with cameras and features

Adobe does a good job of updating features. I can’t imagine still being stuck on Lightroom 6 at this point. The functionality of Lightroom has improved so much since those dark days. So, not only is it worth the cost to stay updated with Camera Raw and have the ability to buy a new camera, the features like content aware fill, and all the rest of the new functionality that has been improved with content aware is just amazing. As with Lightroom, I can’t even imagine being stuck on CS 6 of Photoshop.

I’m not getting anything

I’m not an Adobe affiliate and I’m not getting anything from tell you all that the right thing to do is to get the subscription. This is a photography education blog and the best thing I can educate you on today is to subscribe to the Photography bundle. If someone told you that ten bucks a month would solve all your editing problems, save you time not having to convert to DNG then import and give you all the coolest new features that are actually good and worth the price to subscribe would you do it? No, you would still stand strong on your soapbox about not wanting to subscribe to anything and give Adobe money every month – all the while paying for Netflix, HBO Max and everything else. Those services don’t not get as much use compared to Photoshop. Do you subscribe to Photoshop monthly? Why or why not, I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you don’t subscribe why.

Here is a link to the Photography program from Adobe, sign up.


There are a bunch of other features included with your subscription, like a portfolio website, cloud storage and Photoshop and Lightroom on your tablet. When I do a shoot, I share a session and I can instantly see it on my iPad where I can quickly do sorting and picking of images before I start my edits. I have been a subscriber since the photo bundle started and it hasn’t changed price and only increased in features. I could not be happier.

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