Using Native American regalia as props

Recently I posted an article about my Native American heritage, you can read the original article here. In that article I talked about the practice of using Native Headdresses as props in portrait photography and why that isn’t ok. I spend a lot of time in photography forums attempting to educate photographers on Native culture and why it is offensive […]

Please stop using my culture incorrectly.

I often call out cliché photography styles on this blog. A simple search will yield articles on overused HDR, selective color and shooting on train tracks and roads. I totally get it, these styles are the go-to when you are just starting out as a photographer, and often portraits clients want to shoot on train tracks. We as photographers need […]

Learning about photography

Invented by Fox Talbot in September of 1840, the Calotype or Talbotye was an early innovation in photographic processes. Until that time, photographers could not “fix” the images on their medium. The process of fixing is making the image permanent, without this process the image would continue to be exposed and darken under exposure to light. During this time. there […]