Using Native American regalia as props

Using Native American regalia as props

Recently I posted an article about my Native American heritage, you can read the original article here. In that article I talked about the practice of using Native Headdresses as props in portrait photography and why that isn’t ok. I spend a lot of time in photography forums attempting to educate photographers on Native culture and why it is offensive to use a headdress on a scantily-clad female model. I always approach my comments from a non-aggressive educational standpoint and sometime what I am trying to teach people sticks. Recently one of the photographers in a Facebook group I  frequent sent me this article from VICE news on 100 ways to support native culture rather than appropriate it. If you are a photographer who commonly uses native props in your portraits, I encourage you to do some research and consider how it affects others before you offer that service next time. 

Most commonly the response I get is that atrocities that were committed against native were in the past and all native should get over it since it is in the past. I would like to point out that 9/11 is in the past and I and most Americans am not likely to get over that, so why should it be any different for Native folks?

Here is the article I hope you take a moment to read it and I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to message me on Twitter or any of my other social media sites. 

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Please stop using my culture incorrectly.


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