Canon to discontinue the 5D line of cameras.

Canon to discontinue the 5D line of cameras.

Disappointing news for any Canon shooter who use the 5D line. I personally shoot the Canon 5DMkIV (and the MKIII) and was looking forward to the announcement of its successor. Canon will discontinue the 5D line of cameras, apparently going all in on their new mirrorless R5 and R6 as the first in line for the new 5 series. This is not too big of a shock, I think most of us that shoot the 5D were expecting the announcement especially after Canon announced not too long ago that they would be discontinuing the 7D series. 


The first 5D was released in 2005, and I think we all remember the impact the 5DmkII had on the movie industry, quickly being adopted as a reasonably priced and extremely sturdy camera capable of HD video. The 5D line lasted 15 years and has been the workhorse for many professional shooters – yours truly included. 

The Future

Where do we go from here? With the July 9th announcement of the R5 and R6, Canon has stated that these will be the replacement for the 5D line moving forward. The R5 (which would likely be my next purchase) has many of the features we hoped to see for the 5DMKIV, like a screen that can flip out. The primary difference between the two cameras is the ability to shoot 8k video, something which I don’t necessarily need. I will wait for more people to get the camera in their hands and complete some long-term reviews before I jump on board. (If Canon want to send me a review unit I would of course be happy to review it.) With the research I have done I would like to have the R5 but the R6 seems like it would be a better fit. We shall see. 

Jumping from one line to another is always difficult. The lenses are always the biggest expense and the R5 would require an adapter for my EF lenses to work. Is this an issue for me? not likley, because I would still get all the new features and quality with no loss of quality. Do you have the R5? what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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