Happy Friday! well as promised I have gotten the first page up for the Then and Now section of the site. It took me a bit longer then antivipated…I wanted to make sure I had the facts for the dedication portion  all straight. Anyway, its weird to link to my own site but here goes…


Next week I have to rebuild the navigation on the tops of the pages so you can get directly to the Then and Now section,  but you can at least see where I am headed with the whole . GH-f This is a picture of my Grandfather, the man who inspired me to do this whole then and now thing. I found an old photo album of his, and thought wow would it be a great idea to combine pictures that have been restored with current shots of the same area.

His name is Georgs Harrison and he, like me was legally blind and had a love of photography. The first then and now image I chose was the shot he took of Natural Bridges..he took the original shot with a Kodak Brownie No2. camera and developed the shot at the kitchen table. Ah how times have changed I still am developing the images but today its with photoshop and in a higher resolution than he could probably imagine.  Granted things were a lot tougher then… the chemical washes and developing, drying, rinsing…so much has changed now that you can take the card out of the camera and click a couple of buttons.   Dealing with the chemical developing method and being legally blind must have been a true test to his love for photographic art. I won’t pretend to imagine how hard it would have  been, I will just happily dedicate the then and now section to him for all the hard work he put in to make the images we can now all enjoy.

Please let me know what you think of the section and suggestions are always read and appreciated!