Technical exercise number two.

This is Technical exercise number two. Lighting a white sphere on a white horizonless background.  The light is a focusing spot and it is snooted and sits about 45 degrees downward behind the camera to the right. The goal of this exercise was to show volume on the sphere using only one light.

After the cube project this one seemed like a breeze we had already worked ourselves into a lather over the detail of the light and the shadow (umbra) being cast. You can see where the light is focused in this shot, it was pretty close to the subject say less than a meter.

Shot with a Canon 7d iso 100.

Now that the technical stuff is all out of the way we are rolling hard and fast on portraits. My plan is to shoot 2, one of my son Jorden in a sports related pose and one with my sister in law Sarah in a time of day shot. Either way I will post them here to share.