Sometimes you get the shot you want..most times you don’t.

In the family album I have been working from I found  a neat shot of a train bridge but it took me forever to find out where here in Santa Cruz it was. The good news is that I found the bridge, the bad news is the shots of the bridge I took didn’t come out the way I wanted.  I had the vision of a HDR shot of the bridge with the sunset and the clouds but it didn’t quite work out.  My wife Carrie (always the voice of reason for me) suggested coming back when the bridge was covered in fog, since that would be very Santa Cruz. Now, for once I find myself wanting it to be foggy here. Just before I left last night I snapped this bracketed exposure of the tracks I hope you enjoy.


ISO200 32mm @f5.6 1/160 sec Bracketed exposure + and – 1 stop