Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy who died nine years ago today, on the 27th of February 2015, at the age of 83. Was an accomplished actor Nimoy was a passionate, well published photographer, who first picked up a camera at the age of thirteen. Over the years, Nimoy had numerous exhibitions and publications to his name, and his work remains on permanent display in a number of galleries and museums.

Here is a link to an article created by CBS News on Nimoy’s work, remembering him on this day. 

“Shekhina” – The fine art photography of Star Trek’s Spock, Leonard Nimoy (

Nimoy’s work was always an inspiration to me. I love his use of Black and White, and appreciated the way he toned his images. If you are not familiar with his work featuring plus-sized models, I invite you to explore some of the images from the Full Body Project

The Full Body Project

Also check out For the Love of Spock was an amazing documentary that recently left Netflix, and is still available on Amazon Prime Video.  The documentary follows the rise of Nimoy’s popularity and how his character Spock became a cultural icon. 

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Nimoy was an iconic actor and artist. Celebrate him today by taking some time to appreciate his work. 


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