More studio lighting.

It is getting closer to fall which means its getting closer to fall classes. Lately I have been working on sharpening my studio lighting skills for the class. Heres one I shot this morning its a skull piggy bank with my sunglasses on. I shot with a 2 flash setup. The first flash is behind and at full power to get a good white flash off the surface the skull is sitting on. The second flash is behind me and high at -2 stops from full power. I shot at 1/250 @ f32 so the background would fall away. I started with the rear flash and dialed in the rim light effect then slowly moved the front light in being careful of the angle of the light and the amount of light falling on the subject.

Since June I have been working on my new self project, shots I would not normally take. I havent shot many images with rim lighting so I figured this would be a good example to learn from. When shooting in the field I am trying to not only take the shot I would normally take, but add variety into my images by moving to another position and shooting.

More later.