It sure feels like Fall has fallen…

The leaves are turning, the hot fall days in Santa Cruz are upon me. Today I was out wandering and took a few shots of Neary’s Lagoon.  I love this place its so cool with the sewage treatment plant right on the other side of the wall from this great scene.

Schools back in, we start shooting next week. Studio lighting is the class and big flashes are the game. Same instructor as last year Sandy Frank, shes great, very knowledgeable and funny. She also does a great job of challenging you to push your skills to the next level and always provides just the right level of critique to knock you down a peg when you think you have a great image, but not to discourage you.

I am still working the new personal project I have going, which is the “taking a shot I would not have taken” but as of yet I don’t have anything worthy of showing. With fall also comes the Salinas Airshow Im looking forward to shooting the F-22 this year should be a fantastic show for sure. Speaking of the Salinas Airshow I actually muscled up enough courage and entered a few images into the fair this year. I also entered one of my Son Jarren’s images that he took last year at the Airshow. Heres hoping he wins something.

As promised I will be better about showing the studio lighting shots I have taken, as always thank you for the encouraging words you have taken the time to write in, I appreciate and read them all; well except the Ciallis and Viagra ads I could do without those 8).