Getting your work shown

Ever see those questionable photo contest advertisements on social media? As a photographer, I have read through many of the terms of service for submitting your photos and they genuinely worry me. For the purposes of a bit of exposure, you may inadvertently be giving up some of the rights to your image. Generally, you aren’t going to give up ownership (especially if you copyright your images… you are copyrighting your images aren’t you?) For years, I have been using Art Deadlines List and have even thrown my hat in the ring on some of the opportunities. Sure, some of the opportunities offer a solo show or a residency somewhere, but, I usually go for the calls for artists that work best with my style of photography. In my case I like the abstract and landscapes categories. I learned about Art Deadlines list in school and have been using them ever since. You can either pop onto their site as they update the listings constantly, or you can select a monthly email with a compendium of the calls that are available and when they will expire. They seem to do a good job at vetting their calls for artists as the bulk of them do not appear shady or overly aggressive about assigning rights to the organizations calling for artist submissions. They coordinate calls for all types of art from painting, to sculpture and of course photography. Check them out.