Building a body of work

When I first began my interest in photography, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot, so I created images of flowers, the ocean, people and any number of things I found interesting. It wasn’t until I took some formal photo training that I was given assignments to shoot a specific subject for a time. One assignment I remember was […]

Self-portrait challenge (Part 2)

Photography projects come in all shapes and sizes, some are easy, and others require a lot more work than you anticipate on the outset. The toughest photo project I have done to date is a self-portrait, I have attempted this project three times, the first did not yield results that were worth showing publicly. rather I consider the first attempt […]

Getting the next great shot

The hardest part of being a halfway decent photographer is not getting that one shot, it is getting the next great shot. During the time I was in school learning photography, I met several people who took a great shot – usually on vacation and this one shot was the catalyst for them going to school to learn the craft. […]