Black Friday Cyber Weekend deal alert!

Back in 1995, the Nik Collection was launched, an awesome suite of photoshop plugins that allowed users to create customer looks for their images without having to know every single aspect of photoshop. I bought into the Nik Collection when it first launched and was a happy user for many years. In 2015, Google acquired Nik Software and implemented its core technology into some of their products. Many Nik Collection users were sad that Google did not appear to be working in the best interest of fans of the plugin suite. 

In 2017, DxO a company well known for its industry-standard Photo Lab RAW processing program purchased the Nik Collection from Google and began to develop and innovate the program once again. DxO has since released a new version of the Nik Collection and has implemented its core technology in some of its other products. 

I have used (and still use) the Nik Collection in my workflow. I find the user interface well designed and easy to use. Most of my color images go through Color EFX at one point in their final processing and I exclusively use their Silver EFX plugin for all my black and white work. I have a collection of images that is finishing a year-long exhibition in downtown San Francisco which was fully processed in the Silver EFX plugin from Nik Software. Readers of this blog know I love the Nik Collection and are well aware that this suite of plugins is the only one I recommend. I’m excited to let you know about the 50% off special pricing DxO is offering not only for their Nik Collection, but all their software through this weekend.  

To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, DxO is offering 50% off all their software including their amazing RAW processor Photo Lab and the entire Nik Collection. Here is a link to get this great deal.