Exhibiting work

I recently exhibited my six-year-long project called Landscapes of the Body in Denver. For years, my wife Carrie helped me with the project in all aspects. She worked with me in the actual taking of the photos (positioning lights and models etc.), helped me with printing, matting and preparation for the hanging. It is easy to say that this project would not have shown without her. The other members of my family for years have seen the images evolve and change and had to put up with me getting excited about specific prints and how the project was progressing. They all stood behind me and nodded their heads in approval even when they could not always see where this project was going as it was evolving. My friends over the years got to see the images off and on, they were confused about the abstract nature but none-the-less said they were great and supported my work. Everyone respected my wishes and never spoke about the project until it was ready for the debut. I got some great press coverage for the opening, local and national and they all supported me and said they were happy for me. Then the opening came, they all showed up and supported me, and told me it looked great.  My friends and family were always there for me. They supported my vision even when they could not see what it was. They saw early shoots, shoots that failed and the ones that were stellar. All through the years they were there and they supported me, especially Carrie.

It is easy to get lost in the flash and excitement of an opening or your art. But it Is important to take a moment, take a deep breath and step back from the attention and awesomeness of your exhibition to say thank you to all those that stood by you and your work without question. For my wife Carrie, thank you for the late hours shooting and editing, and everything you did to make this project happen. I appreciate the long hours driving to shoots, lugging in equipment, editing, printing matting making supply runs and supporting me through this project.  For my friends and family. Thank you for putting up with me and my overzealous excitement about this project even though you probably didn’t understand it until you saw it on the wall. I know you got tired of me talking about it.

While this blog post might be a diversion from my normal musings about photography and tutorials, it is still very much appropriate in the sense that whoever you are, you have people around you that support you in your work, take a moment and say thank you to them today.

Now, I have to get out there and take more pictures!