2020 year in review

2020 year in review

As 2020 draws to a close, I would like to reflect on the events of the strangest year any of us have ever lived through. Before we go any further, however, let’s take a moment and remember all the people we lost along the way during this pandemic.

Affecting everything

Along with this photography blog, I also actively write for my travel blog Blind Travels. When the pandemic hit in March, my ability to work with people suddenly stopped. Due to an abundance of caution, I also stopped traveling this year, so I didn’t have the ability to do two of the things I loved to do.

The last time I traveled was January 2020 when my wife, guide dog Fauna and I traveled to San Francisco for the opening of my Landscapes of the Body exhibition at the Lighthouse for the Blind gallery. I’m grateful to the Lighthouse for showing my work and for extending the exhibition through the end of 2020. The feedback and comments about the show have been amazing and I cannot thank the Lighthouse enough for exhibiting this collection of work.


After writing all the backlogged articles and editing all the photos that were waiting for attention, I ended up finding interest in including articles here on the latest photography news. I got lots of good feedback from you and will continue to add articles with my take on the industry news in the future. I have had fun researching these articles and look forward to creating more for you to read.

Social Distancing

Since I have not been able to work with models safely, I put my personal projects on hold for the year. It has been rough talking to Galleries about exhibiting the work because of the uncertainty of getting folks back into the venues. I don’t sell my work, so I am happy not to be in the boat many other photographers are in and relying on exhibition sales. I donated prints this year to a few charities and was pleased that I could still make a positive difference without exhibiting work.

I am a big advocate for starting new projects and with the pandemic, I started a project which focuses (heh) on social distancing and accessibility. This project will make its debut for the Month of Photography here in Denver in March 2021. I will update you all with more details as we get closer to the show.

Be safe

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year celebration. Let the year that was 2020 go away and don’t worry about it again. Things won’t be back to normal right away, so I urge patience with the vaccine rollout. We will all be back to our regular schedules soon enough. I know I am looking forward to it!

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