If I watermark it, is it copyrighted?

Most beginning and intermediate photographers (and some professionals as well) believe that placing a garish watermark on a photo before you share it online will effectively copyright that image and prevent unauthorized use. This could not be farther from the truth, in fact, it is incredibly simple to remove a watermark as illustrated by this article from The Verge, which […]

Which camera is really the best?

There are certain questions that will incite a holy war during a conversation, these include which videogame console is the best?, which truck is better, Ford or Chevy?, which actor played the best Doctor Who?, and what is the best camera? Today, we will answer the most burning of these questions and the answer is David Tennant. Seriously though… David […]

Getting into strobe photography on the cheap

It is #TuesdayTips time again, and this week we are going to talk about a subject I get asked a lot – what do I need to buy to get into strobe photography? I will talk about my current gear, my past gear and most importantly what I have learned buying stuff that I thought I needed but didn’t. Full […]