How I use light and shadow rather than focus to compose images.

I have been asked a lot recently on social media to talk about how I can be a photographer with my limited vision. For those that don’t know, a car accident in 1999 left me with 5% low-functioning vision in only one eye. I lose detail at about an inch, so I mainly see the world in blurred shapes, with […]

Self-portrait challenge (Part 2)

Photography projects come in all shapes and sizes, some are easy, and others require a lot more work than you anticipate on the outset. The toughest photo project I have done to date is a self-portrait, I have attempted this project three times, the first did not yield results that were worth showing publicly. rather I consider the first attempt […]

Federal court ruling that could affect all photographer’s copyright.

Any photographer should be concerned about copyright changes, especially changes to “fair use”. Until today, there was precedent that an image found online could not be used freely. The court case from a Virginia Federal Court outlines concerning circumstances where a photographer’s work could be used freely depending on the situation. The ruling (and subsequent precedent) focused on the company […]