What is my photography worth?

While writing my article on this year’s eclipse, I got to thinking about the real value of any given photograph. To start this conversation, I decided to define what kinds of photographs there are from my perspective. Snapshots: Images that you take on your vacation, or in my case day to day images I take of the things around me. […]

The 2017 eclipse

August 21 this year brought a total solar eclipse to a large part of the United States. Where I live near Denver Colorado, we were expecting 92% coverage of the sun. Just a few hours away in Wyoming was the path of totality. I set my sights on going to photograph this once in a lifetime event. As the weeks […]

Abstraction basics and workflow

Many consider abstraction as the holy grail of creative photography. I love to embrace abstraction in much of my work, especially in my Landscapes of the Body project. There are as many ways to add abstraction into your work as there are subjects to shoot. My preferred way to going about creating an abstract image is to remove recognizable landmarks […]