Ideas to keep your photography fresh

Like any art form, photography can get stale sometimes, and it can be difficult to get inspired for a new project. Let’s talk about some easy ideas that you can try to keep things fresh and keep those creative juices flowing, who knows you might find that next new big project you want to do! The key with these ideas […]

The dark art of printing

I thought I would take today’s post and discuss another aspect I had to contend with to bring my project Landscapes of the Body to it’s present state.  Today will focus on how I choose the right paper for a project, and my process to get a final print. I personally believe that you can be proficient at getting a […]

Upcoming Show

A project I have been working on for years is about to make it’s debut. On February 17th 2017, my Landscapes of the Body project will be shown at VSA Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver. This is a show not a sale, the images will be on display through the end of March 2017 in celebration […]