Culling the herd… of images

Whether you are an old grizzled photographer or someone just picking up the camera, one of the toughest skills to acquire is the ability to determine which images to show from a shoot. This is especially difficult when shooting landscapes or products where the subject doesn’t change as much frame to frame, as compared to portrait photography. When shooting a […]

Composition Talk – Horizontal Vs. Vertical orientation

Ever been out and about shooting random stuff and not feeling overly inspired? It happens to all of us. I was out walking this last March after the snow had all melted along my usual walking path, searching for an image that would embody some thoughts about composition. I would not consider this a perfect image by any means, but rather an illustrative […]

Is HDR on the way out?

HDR, the photography equivalent of glitter in the craft world. HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography is the process of taking three images, bracketing the proper exposure and combining them to produce an image that has more detail in both the highlight and shadow areas. This technique allows you more flexibility when editing your images.  When shooting in certain situations, […]