Week three photo challenge

When you are learning to draw, setting up a still life can be of great importance in helping you improve your ability to see the way the light is hitting your subject. This is true in photography too. For this weeks challenge, you will need a worklight and a daylight balanced CFL or compact fluorescent lightbulb. Both of these can […]

Learning about photography

Invented by Fox Talbot in September of 1840, the Calotype or Talbotye was an early innovation in photographic processes. Until that time, photographers could not “fix” the images on their medium. The process of fixing is making the image permanent, without this process the image would continue to be exposed and darken under exposure to light. During this time. there […]

Just one shot

Welcome to week two of the challenge yourself series. This week, we will explore another one of my favorite self-imposed challenges. I provide this series as much for me as my readers. It helps to keep me focused and challenged in my shooting, and each week I am forced to participate in my challenge because I want to provide current […]