Glass Class Shot

Here is the final shot and how it was done for photo class this week. Note, the setup shot was taken with my iphone so its not DSLR quality but you get the idea of how e setup the shots.   As you can see here, we have a couple sawhorses setup with a piece of glass between them, then […]

Shooting the Uproar Festival with a point and shoot.

  This year for my sons birthday I got them tickets to the Rockstar Uproar festival. They both love many of the bands that were playing which included Bullet for my Valentine, Seether and Three days Grace.  They were sad that the headliner could not attend but we were promised a makeup date in December. We had pretty awesome seats […]

Summers still here?

Last night the wife and I headed to Moneterey for a belated Anniversary celebration. We ate dinner on Cannery Row and afterward wandered along the pier. It was 75 degrees at 8 at night, very unusual for Monterey let alone this time of year. I of course had to bring the camera along and take this snap of a sailboat […]


In all the excitement of the county fair entry here I forgot to post the results. I entered three images and my son Jarren entered one. I entered in three different categories, visual manipulation, portraits and photojournalism.  My son walked away with a first place in the junior photojournalism category for his awesome shot of a F/A 18 breaking the sound […]