Sometimes stuff breaks…

While touching up the pictures from Mesa Verde I hit the wrong button in lightroom and got a happy surprise…I’m generally not one to do artsy shots but I really thought this one was pretty neat. Let me know what you think and you can check out the rest of the gallery from the main page. So, while I was […]

Summer Vacation Photos Incoming!! Take Cover!

Vacation has come and gone now its time to start my favorite part, sorting through the hundreds of photos I took. This years destinations included Mesa Verde in Colorado, The Grand Canyon in Arizona the Arches National Park in Moab Utah. This years photos are very majestic, I’m excited to post them for you all to see.   The toughest […]

Summer is already half over.

I can’t believe it. Spring came and went. I haven’t picked up the camera for months and I’m going to tell you why. I was conducting a personal experiment. In my continuing quest to become a better photographer I took a couple of classes at the local college with my wife. I took a black and white drawing class and […]