Reader question: How do you do it?

First, let me say thanks again for all the great feedback on the blog. I’m enjoying doing this and I’m glad your enjoying the images. I was going through some of the messages yesterday and the most common question or comment I get is, How can you take pictures if your blind? Well, first I’m not totally blind, I have […]

The light at the end of the tunnel..

The first stop on our trip was The Devils Tower Wyoming – rising 1,200 feet above the Belle Fourche River, ¬†inspired the imagination of the Indians. They called it Mateo Tepee, meaning Grizzly Bear Lodge, and had several legends regarding its origin. According to the Kiowas,¬†who at one time are reputed to have lived in the region, their tribe once […]

The best part of traveling is…

Its always fun to go, and its always fun to come home but my favorite part of traveling is (aside from spending time with friends and family which is obvious) processing all the photos I took. I have just returned home from a week long trip to Colorodo. We took a nice photo taking drive up in the mountains above […]