Profoto B10 vs. Godox AD200

For my photo tutorial this week I thought I might do something a bit different and ask for your input. There’s been some debate recently about “light is light” and there’s no difference between a Profoto strobe and a Godox strobe other than price (and build quality). I thought it might be fun to put the Profoto B10 (~250 watts) and the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 (~200 watts) which is the same unit as the Godox AD200 head to head since they are both wireless strobes and close to the same power. This image was taken with the same softbox (Photoflex 2 X 3 foot using inner and outer diffusion) at the same distance and the same height using the same camera. For the shot I used ETTL for both strobes on a Canon 5dMKIV with a 20-200 F2.8 IS II lens, ISO 100 @ F8 in the same indoor lighting conditions.  The question for you is: which image was taken with the more expensive Profoto strobe? The tutorial will be released Tuesday with all the answers and results from the online poll. The images are not post-processed other than copying into a single file for this poll. Head to and let me know what you think!