Summer is already half over.

I can’t believe it. Spring came and went. I haven’t picked up the camera for months and I’m going to tell you why. I was conducting a personal experiment. In my continuing quest to become a better photographer I took […]


The Holidays are here!

After a 2 plus month recovery from a foot problem I’m back in action again. School has been taking a lot more time than I had anticipated, but today is finals! I’m planning to go shooting later this week (weather […]


The light at the end of the tunnel..

The first stop on our trip was The Devils Tower Wyoming – rising 1,200 feet above the Belle Fourche River,  inspired the imagination of the Indians. They called it Mateo Tepee, meaning Grizzly Bear Lodge, and had several legends regarding […]


The best part of traveling is…

Its always fun to go, and its always fun to come home but my favorite part of traveling is (aside from spending time with friends and family which is obvious) processing all the photos I took. I have just returned […]


Then and now update

Whew! thanks for all the great comments on the new project! I have six more shots I’m working on at the moment, now, if the weather would only cooperate and give me some non-foggy skies I can do the “now” […]


Photowalk 2009 the shot I chose.

At 10:00 am on the 18th of July it was overcast and misty (not at all unusual for Santa Cruz), thankfully as the photowalk started the fog cleared and left us with some high wispy clouds.  About 25 of us […]


Summer travel

Well, Just got back from a week in Reno. I’m back into the swing of things. I went out shooting today and as I usually try and do, I set a goal for myself – the goal today was to […]


Its that time of year….

I was digging through some shots I did and realized that I forgot to post the cool shot I took of a nesting gull.  This was taken at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz. It was a gloomy cloudy day (not […]