Use your art to make a difference

Every year Access Gallery in Denver Co. holds a fundraising event that helps to sustain their programs throughout the year – in their words: 99 Pieces of Art on the Wall is Access Gallery’s annual fundraising event that showcases 99+ unique […]


#TuesdayTip Alternate Portraiture

For today’s #TuesdayTips lets talk about a different way to shoot portraiture. A portrait is defined as: “a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.”. In photography, there are […]


Getting your work shown

Ever see those questionable photo contest advertisements on social media? As a photographer, I have read through many of the terms of service for submitting your photos and they genuinely worry me. For the purposes of a bit of exposure, […]

#Challenge #General

Getting the next great shot

The hardest part of being a halfway decent photographer is not getting that one shot, it is getting the next great shot. During the time I was in school learning photography, I met several people who took a great shot […]


Latest Showing

While my current focus is my Landscapes of the Body project, I do have other series which I am always working on. I have always loved Landscapes photography, and I think this affinity for the rolling hills and natural beauty […]