Earlier this year I was invited to exhibit some my photography work at the Lighthouse for the Blind gallery located on Market Street in San Francisco. Since the gallery is in a particularly heavy traffic area, I fully expected them to want to show some of my Landscape work, or the images of my guide dog from my Fauna’s Adventures body of work – boy was I wrong! They are excited to show my Landscapes of the Body project because they feel it is a unique look at the human form and features images that represent the way I see the human body. The show opens this January (My wife and I will be there for the opening) and will be on display in the gallery for six months.

Even though I haven’t posted about my Landscapes of the Body project in a while, I have continued to actively shoot for and evolve the image style, and since the Lighthouse for the Blind is hosting this exhibition, I have taken the work to the next level and collaborated with an awesome Colorado-based company called Duraplaq to create versions of some of the images which are fully tactile for those with no sight. I will have more information as the show grows closer, and I hope that my California friends can make it up to S.F. for the opening!!