Even though its a cool picture, it feels like a cop out sometimes when I can take a walk and see this sort of scene to take a picture of. It was chilly yesterday; the tourists were out in full force…  All bundled up and surprised that it could be “this cold” at the beach heh. I saw one family walking toward me from the wharf with full Santa Cruz gear on and the mom was complaining about how much they spent for all this stuff just to walk at the beach. Sometimes I think half the reason I walk every day is to see the tourists. They just crack me up, walking into each other because they are looking at the water. I have learned to assume that they aren’t watching where they are going and I get out of their way 8)

I shot this one at f5.6 (the cop out) @ 1/200th 56mm iso 100. I wanted the arch to be the focal point of the photo and the lighthouse and cliff secondary objects so I used a middle of the road aperture. I used the superpowers of CS5 to remove a wayward tourist by the road (go go content ware fill) otherwise just a bit of hue and saturation tweaking is all it needed because of the cloudy sky behind me (the clouds blocking  the sun diminished the colors a bit for my taste.).  

My plan is to stay with this one shot on the walk theme until June then I’m going to switch to a new one I came up with yesterday while I was wandering around.. I wouldn’t have taken that shot. Something that I would never take a shot of, boy that could lead to a lot of things right?

Until next time…