This morning I went out shooting. A storm was moving in so I figured I would get it done before the rains hit and boy was a glad I did. I got a couple of pretty neat shots… This one was taken near Steamers lane looking out towards Monterey. Also check out the new lighthouse shot on the front page of the website, the morning sun was peeking through the clouds as the storm moved in and made for some really neat colors.

The Municipal Wharf projects going slowly as expected. I got a couple good distance shots of the wharf which I will post monday. The shots I thought I had access to aren’t looking like they are going to happen, so I may have to change the plan of being able to actually sell this project and just do it for fun and learning. As a fallback I can always use hitorical images from the library here in town. ┬áIts not about making money anyway its about the love of old photos and the need to shoot to get better. img_3214-edit